Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One more sign

I had to make one more sign.   These are so simple and fun to make.  This one is for Little Miss K's room.  I made it the same as I did in THIS tutorial.
This sign was done on the same kind of old grey wood.  Painted white with some black crackling.  I made the stencil using the cricut machine and the SCAL program.  I LOOOOOVE this program.  If you have a Cricut machine you have. to. get. this. program!  You will not regret it.  It is awesome.

This picture has wonky lighting, but it shows the wood detail and also how it is sanded to look distressed.  Well thanks for taking the time to look.  This probably won't be the last sign you see here :)  I love these things.
P.S.  See the scalloped shelf?  I totally made that.  Cute Huh!?! I know!  I know!  The curtains DEFINITELY need to be replaced.

I am linking to House of Hepworth and Frugal and Fabulous  so go check out all the great craftiness.


Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! Joni I love, love, love your projects!! Someday soon when I move into my next fabulous apartment I'm gonna follow your tutorials and make some oft these gorgeous things!! I'll have to find someone with one of the cricut machines and pay 'em to make me a stencil thingy!

You are so creative and I love your sense of taste! I've learned so much.

Julie @ Frugal and Fabulous Design said...


I must be the only person in DIY land who does not own a Cricut - probably need to fix that. :-)

Thank you so much for linking up this week!

Benn's Wife said...

Very nice sign - so cute!

Controlling My Chaos said...

It is so pretty. I'm dying to know, what's the name of the font you used for the S and the D?