Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween costume

Sad Update:  I will NOT be participating in the Storybook Parade.  I guess someone's granddaughter was dressed up as The Hatter for Halloween and "she looked really cute.  So we are going to go with her instead."  Sad day :( 

Well, here it is.  I finished my costume the night before Halloween.  Well, technically 2 nights before Halloween, because Halloween fell on a Sunday, most of us in Utah celebrated the day on Saturday.  Anyway, It turned out great (if I do say so myself).  You can double click the pictures and see more detail.

     I told how I made the hat HERE.  The entire costume was handmade by me.  I have known for a while (since the movie came out in March) that this would be my costume this year.  So I started early looking for items at thrift stores so I could keep the cost of this costume down.  After finding all the items that I needed I started on the embellishments. Every piece either needed to be painted or tailored or sew from some random piece of fabric.  But when it was all said and done, I think it all worked out.  In the end I did purchase the wig.  I tried and tried to figure out a way to make it and do it as inexpensive as possible but I just never could come up with something that fit my criteria.  So the wig was my one "already made" purchase.
     I wore this to the kids school carnival and got a great response.  People of all ages commented and complimented.  Tons of people stopped me to take pictures.  Kids would stop and talk to me like I really was from Wonderland.  One little girl, about 4, would not leave my side.  She was so cute.  Her Mom would take her away to play games but when her Mom would turn away she would run off and come back to sit by me.  Lol, She was so cute.
      Later that night I was invited to participate in a local costume contest for which I took 1st Place.  Woo Hoo!!  It was really fun.  A little outside by box, but I had a blast.  The winner was chosen by audience applause,  I was pretty nervous because I was at the end of the line and all the other costumes were really getting the crowd to clap and yell quite a bit.  When they finally got to me, I figured it was any bodies game, but when the announcer said "The Mad Hatter!"  and the audience went CRAZY!  What a great feeling.
    Tonight for trick-or-treating we went to a Ladies house that is in charge of a large parade that is done here in town every year and she asked me to participate in the parade.  Yipee! (I love parades too.  I know, I know.  I am a freak, what can I say :)  So it looks like they will be working out some kind of float/car something especially for me in the parade.
      Several people have taken my picture over the last 2-3 days, so if any of you come across any of them online I would love to see them.  Please let me know where you find them at.  Lots of people asked me if they could post them on Facebook.  So many of them will end up there.
     Well, sorry for all the rambling.  Halloween was a blast.  I have to get all the pics of the kids off another camera, so when I do I will post them cuz the kids looked great too.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a safe and FUN Halloween!


Dana Cheryl said...

Fabulous costume!!! Love that you won! That is always such an amazing feeling. You definitely deserved it!!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my GOSH!!! You look incredible! I'm can barely believe what I'm seeing. The detail you've put into every square inch mesmerizes me.

You totally deserve the 1st place win!

One year I created a Mario costume for my son. He ended up being Mario for 2 years and was a major hit in his school. He felt so proud. And he looked so authentic!


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Fabulous!!!! You definitely deserve 1st place for that costume.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Yeah, I am definitely thinking FIRST PLACE too!! I love it! The hat and the hair really make it! Fabulous job!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

What an amazing job you've done with this costume! Just so gorgeous and creative and FUN! The wig is good but all the details you've put into the hat and outfit are more outstanding. Standing ovation!

Chandara Family said...

The bar is high my dear friend... I can't wait to see what you do next year!!!!! :)
p.s. I'm pretty sure there was no "slip" today, I'll have to get that movie asap!

Krafty Kat said...

Amazing! You put a lot of thought, effort into it & it shows! Great job! You win 1st place to me!

the cape on the corner said...! love it!

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